New Leak Suggests Big Change to Google’s “Find my Device” Feature


While Google and Apple have both introduced software and hardware-based solutions to locating lost or stolen smartphones, there are some differences in terms of overall functionality. A new leak online suggests that Google might make some changes to how its “Find my Device” feature works, while taking some pointers from Apple’s approach.

A big highlight of this (if confirmed) is that the Find my Device feature will be able to locate a Pixel phone even when it’s not turned on, quite similar to how Apple’s method works. Reports online state that Google is currently in the process of developing a huge network of Android devices that will allow this feature to be made possible.

One thing to note with this development is that the Bluetooth will be active at all times. According to tech informant Kuba Wojciechowski, Google has shared an early source code of Android 14 with OEMs that are enrolled in the Early Access Program (EAP).

The source code comes with a new Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) definition, called ““. This will enable precomputed Finger Network keys to be sent to a device’s Bluetooth chip, which will be kept on even when the phone is off.

Google has of course not mentioned anything regarding this new development, although it is expected that we might see this feature implemented on the Pixel 8.

Source: 91 Mobiles

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