Nab a genuine Windows 10 lifetime license for just $14 during VIP-SCDKey’s Easter sale!


We should all strive to use genuine software. For starters, this is because piracy is illegal, and secondly, buying genuine software supports developers, both big and small, which enables them to continue making what they’re making, and to continue to offer up support, improvements, and more.

That being said, we get that sometimes piracy is tempting. This is because some companies/developers charge obscene amounts of money to use their software, and sometimes individuals might not have enough money to justify spending that much.

A good example would be Microsoft’s Windows and Office platforms, which are essentially to daily productivity tasks, but can also get quite expensive if you buy directly from Microsoft. Thankfully, as part of their Easter sale, the good folks at VIP-SCDkey are running a promotion that discounts a genuine, lifetime OEM license of Windows 10 Home to as little as $14!

You can also grab a copy of Microsoft Office 2016 for as little as $25, or Office 2021 for $53 if you’re willing to spend more. The company is also offering our readers an additional 30% discount if you were to use the skpha coupon code upon checkout.

Should you upgrade to Windows 11?

Now, some of you might still be running on Windows 10 and might be wondering if it is worth upgrading to Windows 11. It is understandable, especially since Microsoft’s fiasco with Windows 8 where many users opted to hold onto Windows 7 for a considerable period of time due to the mess of the launch and the huge changes that Windows 8 brought to the table.

The good news is that unlike the jump from Windows 7 to Windows 8, the changes from Windows 10 to Windows 11 isn’t as huge or obvious. It is also not as jarring, at least not from a visual standpoint. The overall UI is still more or less the same, except that Microsoft has brought the Start menu to the center of the taskbar instead of it being to the left. This might need some getting used to, but overall it’s not that big of a change.

Most of the changes take place under the hood, where Microsoft has made some improvements to the performance of Windows 11, where they have made some better optimizations. They have also improved the memory management, so if you have a PC that has less RAM, you should see some performance increases.

There are also improvements made to collaborative work, like background blur, automatic framing, and so on, so if you work from home and need to communicate with a team, these improvements should be quite welcome. There is also support for Android apps, which is a huge seller, especially if you don’t want to keep looking at your phone for certain tasks.

How to buy and install your OEM copy of Windows

  1. Click on any of VIP-SCDKey’s links above
  2. On the product page, click on the Buy Now button to add it to your cart
  3. Before you submit and pay for your order, make sure you enter the skpha coupon code in the coupon text field to apply an additional 25% savings
  4. Click on Submit Order
  5. Choose your method of payment and key in the payment details
  6. When the transaction successfully goes through, you should receive your Windows or Office OEM license in the same email address you provided
  7. Now on your computer, click the Start Menu and go to Settings
  8. Select Update & Security
  9. Click Activate Windows or Change Product Key
  10. Enter the license code that you just received in your email and you should now have a genuinely activated version of Windows on your computer
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A graphic novelist wannabe. Amateur chef. Mechanical keyboard enthusiast. Writer of tech with over a decade of experience. Juggles between using a Mac and Windows PC, switches between iOS and Android, believes in the best of both worlds.

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