It looks like Google’s Pixel Tablet is close to launch


Several years ago, in addition to launching its lineup of Pixel phones, Google also launched a series of other Pixel branded products including a tablet, but that was eventually discontinued. But last year during I/O, Google revealed their plans to launch a new Pixel Tablet.

The device has yet to be launched, but we have a feeling that its release could be close at hand. This is according to a report from 9to5Google in which they have spotted the device at the FCC. The FCC is usually where devices need to go to gain approval by the US government before being released to the public, so the sighting at the FCC suggests that Google could be close to releasing it.

While the specs of the tablet remain a mystery, and the FCC listing doesn’t seem to give us any clues either, what the listing does tell us is how the tablet appears to come with support for UWB. 9to5Google speculates that the inclusion of the tech could be used by Google to support software features like “Tap to Transfer”, allowing users to quickly hand off media to other compatible devices.

In any case, hopefully Google will have more details to share in the coming weeks. The company will be hosting I/O next month, so maybe the company could use the event to announce a launch date for the device.

Source: 9to5Google

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