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How to Set-up WhatsApp for Teams with!


With online messaging platforms like WhatsApp becoming more and more crucial to workspaces and keeping contact with work teams, it was only a matter of time before we saw a more productivity-oriented feature become integrated with the popular messaging app. WhatsApp and have recently announced that the latter will be integrating its brand with WhatsApp for teams, which is aimed at users looking for an efficient way to manage teams, projects, and workflows directly via WhatsApp.

If you’re an user and would like to set up this feature with WhatsApp, check out the following steps below!

Get Started with WhatsApp for teams

  1. Open via web or desktop app
  2. Go to Account Settings
  3. Click on “Integrations” > Choose WhatsApp
  4. Enter your desired WhatsApp Number
  5. Confirm the verification code on your mobile device
  6. Turn on the workspace toggle > select preferred notifications
  7. Open WhatsApp and tap on the message from the energy Workspace Bot
  8. Add tasks by sending a message 
  9. Confirm the board to add it to, and the person to assign it to

After following these steps, you should then be set to use the new teams feature. Additionally, users will be notified when they are mentioned or assigned to a task, and can instantly reply to comments directly from WhatsApp without having to open Any subsequent updates and replies will be synced directly for all board members to see.

Currently, this new feature is supported on Windows, Mac, and Web, and says that users will be able to access the WhatsApp integration on mobile devices in the coming weeks.

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