ASUS is looking to take on the Steam Deck


When Valve first announced the Steam Deck, many were skeptical, but it seems that there was really nothing to worry about as the handheld console turned out to be a hit. Now it looks like more players are looking to enter the market because ASUS has revealed that they are planning a Steam Deck competitor of their own.

Dubbed the ASUS ROG Ally, it looks like ASUS wants to create their own alternative to the Steam Deck and on paper, it sounds like real competition. According to ASUS, they are claiming that the ROG Ally will be able to output twice the performance of the Steam Deck. It will be powered by an AMD Zen 4 APU with RDNA3 graphics.

It is also said to feature a 7-inch display with a 1080po resolution and a 120Hz refresh rate, making it ideal for gamers. Also, based on hands-on videos by YouTube creators, the ASUS ROG Ally will have a smaller footprint, making it more ideal for portability and mobility compared to the Steam Deck.

Not much else is known about the console, like what kind of games will be supported or how much it will cost. But if you like the idea of the Steam Deck but want to see more options, then the ASUS ROG Ally could be worth keeping an eye out for when it does launch.

Source: XDA Developers

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