Vivo Reportedly Plans to Trim-down its IQOO Sub-brand


When it comes to smartphone “sub-brands,” IQOO hasn’t gotten a massive amount of attention unlike its contemporaries POCO and Realme. A sub-brand of Chinese Manufacturer Vivo, IQOO has released a large amount of Android phones under its belt, although this might change soon, at least according to some information online.

A report from Chinese tech site 36KR reveals that several sources have pointed to Vivo’s plans of integrating IQOO further into its operations, as a means of cutting costs in the long-term. Originally, Vivo and IQOO shared supply chains, R&D, and media resources to name a few, although their respective online business teams operated independent of one another.

The report adds that top-level company executives have been discussing merging some of the teams within both companies, such as independent stores and counters. A former employee gave a statement regarding how things were running, saying that:

“The internal bosses are still struggling. What is the positioning of iQOO in the future and how to integrate the team are still uncertain.”

At this moment, no statement has been made by Vivo regarding this issue, although with the way things have been running (if confirmed), we might see even less of IQOO in the future.

Source: 36KR (CN)

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