NVIDIA Once Again Teams up with Ampere Computing for Cloud-based Gaming


Cloud gaming has seen an interesting rise in both popularity and adoption, and while it’s somewhat still in its early stages, this hasn’t stopped manufacturers from capitalizing on its growth. As such, PC and Gaming giant NVIDIA recently announced that it was continuing its partnership with Ampere Computing for the AICAN game-streaming platform.

AICAN uses Arm and GPU platforms, alongside dual-socket Ampere Altra Max CPUs and up to four NVIDIA A16 GPUs to enable the running, rendering and streaming of games to any remote streaming device such as computers and such. Originally launched last year in China, AICAN has since expanded to support high-resolution games (up to 4K) as well as a growing library of AAA gaming titles.

NVIDIA says that AICAN is now capable of supporting up to 160 concurrent sessions at 720p 30 frames per second, or up to 64 concurrent sessions at 1080p 60 fps. Additionally, the platform is optimized for use with NVIDIA GPUs , as well as NVIDIA’s ConnectX SmartNICs and BlueField DPUs.

Additionally, AICAN has also expanded to include support for newer systems such as Supermicro’s Mt. Hamilton ARS-210M-NR Modular system, GIGABYTE G242-P35, Inspur Aoqin and Huaqin P6410.

Source: Nvidia

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