Could we Get a OnePlus 11 Special Edition Soon?

Image Source: Android Central

Nearly a month after showing off its OnePlus 11 concept device at MWC Barcelona, OnePlus has teased another special variant of its 2023 flagship phone, with a rather unique take on external styling.

An image shared by OnePlus China President Li Jie on Chinese social media forum Weibo shows a variant of the device which features a design that adopts the wavy lines and textures as seen on Jupiter (yes, THE planet Jupiter). Additional rumors suggest that the OnePlus 11 variant will feature a different material, which might come with an entirely different texture of sorts. This was further confirmed by Weibo user Digital Chat Station as well.

Apart from this however, no other information about the special-edition OnePlus phone was revealed, so details like launch date and availability are unconfirmed as of this moment.

Back in MWC, OnePlus also revealed a concept variant of the 11, which featured a slickly-designed rear panel, as well as an “Active Cryoflux” cooling system. As cool as the device was however, the company said that the phone will remain as a concept device, and will not be available for retail or via carriers.

Source: Weibo (CN)

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