Infinix’s new charging tech just crushed the competition


At MWC last month, we saw some pretty interesting things done when it came to charging technology for our phones. For example, Xiaomi showed off a demo of its 300W charger, and Realme’s latest smartphone came with support for 240W charging, the fastest wired charging in a commercially available phone.

Or so we thought.

It now looks like Realme’s time on the throne was extremely short-lived as Infinix has since unveiled its new All-Round FastCharge charging system that is capable of juicing up a phone at 260W wired, which is pretty crazy as the company claims that it can bring a phone from 0% to 25% in one minute, and all the way up to 100% in a whopping 8 minutes.

Infinix also claims that its new charging tech boasts 98.5% efficiency, and that the 4,400mAh battery they used in the test managed to retain 90% of its original capacity after 1,000 cycles. Assuming you charge your phone from 0-100% daily, it means that even after 3 years, your battery would still hold 90% of its charge.

In addition to its 260W wired charging, Infinix also showed off its 110W wireless charging system, which potentially makes it the fastest wireless charging system we’ve seen to date. Honor previously topped that with the Honor Magic 4 Pro which came with 100W wireless charging, but now it looks like Infinix has managed to steal that crown as well.

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