DEAL: Massive discount makes the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 better value for money


For those of you who love cutting edge technology, foldable phones are a pretty good place to start. Who would have thought 20-30 years ago that our displays could fold and unfold without breaking?

Now, without a doubt, Samsung is the king when it comes to foldables, but unfortunately their phones can be pretty pricey. This is why we felt the need to point out the fact that at the moment, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 is currently enjoying an 18% discount which brings its price down from $1,919.99 to $1,569.99, saving you about $350 in the process.

At its original price, many would have balked at paying close to $2,000 for a phone, but now at around $1,500, it suddenly feels a lot better value for money, especially when you consider that the Fold 4 is still one of the best foldable phones despite being released in 2022. We’re not sure how long this deal will last, so you’ll want to move quick!

SAMSUNG Galaxy Z Fold 4
  • FLEX MODE: Free up your hands with Flex Mode on the Galaxy Z Fold4; This smartphone stands on its own so you can take notes...
  • HANDS FREE VIDEO: Don’t stay stuck to your cellphone; Set up your phone in Flex Mode and check off your to-dos while...

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