Level up your audio game with BEACN’s microphone and USB audio controller


When it comes to home recordings, technology these days has improved greatly to the point where we don’t need to rent out huge and expensive studios, pay a sound engineer, and get super fancy equipment to get a decent recording.

Sure, a professional sound engineer with the right equipment can probably get you awesome recordings, but if you don’t have that kind of money, or if you’re just doing this for fun and don’t see the need to spend so much money, then that’s where home equipment comes in.

In fact, BEACN’s got a couple of audio gadgets like its microphone and USB audio controller that could help you level up your home recordings, podcasts, or if you’re a streamer trying to milk the best sound possible.


During the pandemic, many were quick to realize that the work that they could do in the office could just as easily be done at home. This also included work-related events such as staff meetings, where people could be just as productive, if not more so, while working and attending meetings from the comfort of their bedroom.

This also led to many discovering that the built-in microphones in their laptops or webcams weren’t as good as they would like. So, if you’re looking to improve your microphone game, whether because you want to host live Twitch streams, do voiceovers, record music, or just sound better during meetings, BEACN’s MIC might be worth a look.

One of the things we like about BEACN’s microphone is that it uses a USB-C connection. Unlike some other microphones that require an XLR connection, USB-C means that all you need to do is plug it into your computer and you’re ready to go.

The microphone features a dynamic design which means with a unidirectional cardioid polar pattern, with an adjustable gain of 0 to 20db, along with a frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz. It is made out of zinc alloy and will be available in white or black, with an RGB ring light around the middle if you like that kind of look.

Now, the microphone isn’t just any old microphone. It comes with a bunch of modules that allows you to fine-tune the sound that you want. This includes a limiter, a compressor, an equalizer that works in real-time, expander/gate, along with a software interface that lets you perform more advanced tasks such as routing audio to where you want it to go.

There’s even a headphones interface that lets you control its EQ, and subwoofer, and adjust the levels. If you’re interested in picking up the BEACN MIC for yourself, it is priced at $279.

BEACN MIC USB C Microphone
  • USB C MICROPHONE FOR PC - No need for studio equipment, USB audio interface, or other streaming equipment. We've incorporated...
  • IN-DEPTH SOFTWARE - Customize your voice with BEACN software. Set it up to sound like a professional broadcaster on a podcast...


Some of you might have noticed that in some audio recording setups, there is an additional device that users appear to be routing their devices through. Sometimes this is a mixer, but more often than not, it is an audio interface/controller. This device allows users to control multiple audio devices quickly and easily with hardware knobs and buttons.

This is perfect for users who might be doing voiceover work at home, recording podcasts, or who are going live on platforms such as Twitch, and that’s exactly what BEACN’s Mix does.

You could think of it as being the hardware version of BEACN’s audio software, where instead of having to launch the software or keep it open to adjust your headphone’s volume or microphone’s input levels, you can just assign your devices to the BEACN Mix and turn the knobs yourself.

One of the advantages that the BEACN Mix has over other more traditional audio interfaces is that it is dynamic. Users can set up multiple audio sources within the software and then change it so that it is then reflected on the Mix unit. These are also color coded so that you know which device you are adjusting.

Its software also uses a drag-and-drop interface that will make it easy for users to understand and to switch things around, but we reckon that this easy-to-use design will also be appreciated by professionals. The BEANC Mix is priced at $149 and like the BEACN MIC, it will be available in either a dark or light finish.

BEACN MIX Audio Controller
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