Samsung’s Galaxy S23 Shows Up in Fortnite, of all Places


As a company Samsung hasn’t really been shy or held back about which places it chooses to advertise its products – be it church steeples, airport luggage collection areas, or even in other Samsung products themselves. Lately however, the company has once again proven that any vacant ad space is free real estate, even when it’s inside a video game.

A report from the folks over at Sammobile reveals that Samsung’s latest billboard (of sorts) takes place in Fortnite – yes, “that” Fortnite – with a newly-activated map created in the South Korean brand’s image. Aptly called “Samsung Island,” the map contains a virtual showroom with the company’s latest products including the Galaxy S23 phones, and even some of its smart monitors.

Launched back in February, the Samsung Galaxy S23 series comes in three different variants, including the base model S23, the slightly-larger S23 Plus, and the S23 Ultra, which adopts several hardware and design features from the company’s now-discontinued Galaxy Note series.

If you’re interested in checking it out, you can access Samsung Island using the code 8526-6648-9508. Once there, players have the option of using the in-game devices and even access an interactive hide-and-seek game.

Source: Sammobile

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