DEAL: Protect yourself on the road with Vantrue’s car dash cams


Accidents happen while we drive. As much as we try to drive as safely as possible, sometimes accidents are inevitable through no fault of our own. Ideally, the person causing the accident would own up to their mistakes, but sometimes that isn’t always the case which can make filing a police report and insurance claim tricky.

Thankfully, dash cams are becoming increasingly more affordable and if you’re looking for a way to record your drives and use it as video evidence if the need ever arises, then do check out Vantrue’s dash cams which are currently on discount and will let you save quite a bit of money in the process.

Vantrue N4
A dash cam that features support for both front and rear recording, with video capture resolution of up to 4K, along with infrared video capture and parking mode with 24h monitoring.
Vantrue N2 Pro
Vantrue's most affordable dash cam with 1440p video recording. It supports recording from the front and rear, and there is also infrared which makes it easier to capture videos at night.

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