Samsung developing their own CPU for their new chipset [Update]


Update – In a statement issued to SamMobile, Samsung has denied the report by issuing a statement that reads:

“A recent media report that Samsung has established an internal team dedicated to CPU core development is not true. Contrary to the news, we have long had multiple internal teams responsible for CPU development and optimization, while constantly recruiting global talents from relevant fields.”

Original story below

For years, Samsung has used its own custom Exynos chipsets to power its phones and tablets and even some of its wearables, but the fact that they also used Qualcomm’s chipsets led to customers being dissatisfied with the performance of their Exynos devices, which resulted in Samsung this year completely ditching Exynos for Qualcomm in the Galaxy S23 series.

Word on the street is that Samsung is developing a brand new custom chipset for its future devices, and now a new report from Korea’s Pulse News has revealed some additional details about Samsung’s plans and progress.

According to the report, Samsung is not only developing their own custom chipset, but they could also be using a custom in-house CPU. For those unfamiliar, a phone’s chipset isn’t the same as the CPU in a computer. It houses many things like modems, memory, GPU, and also CPUs.

This new CPU is said to be in development and if things go to plan, Samsung could launch a new chipset with a custom CPU as soon as 2027. Samsung is said to be planning to launch the new custom chipset itself in 2025, but at launch, Samsung will continue to use ARM’s CPUs.

It will be interesting to see how well these new CPUs perform, especially if Samsung is hoping to reduce their reliance on Qualcomm, but seeing as it will only launch in 2027 at the earliest, it looks like we still have a bit of waiting to do.

Source: Android Authority

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