YouTube CEO Neal Monhan Makes Big Announcements for 2023


Just a couple of weeks after starting his transition as YouTube’s new head, CEO Neal Monhan laid out the platform’s plans for 2023, revealing some strategies geared towards empowering creators on one of the world’s biggest video streaming services. This focus on creator opportunities is explained in Monhan’s letter to the community:

“… Creators and artists are the heart of YouTube, and I’ll continue to put them first. In today’s challenging macroeconomic climate, we’re offering opportunities to grow a business on our platform. YouTube’s creative ecosystem supported more than two million jobs in 2021 in Brazil, Canada, the United States, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, France, Australia, Germany, the United Kingdom, India, and Turkey combined, according to research by Oxford Economics.”

This move will see YouTube finding ways to provide more opportunities for content creators, including growing creator communities, better communication with creators and channels, and providing creators with more opportunities to profit from their content.

Monhan’s letter also highlights increased interest in podcast production, with new features on YouTube Studio designed to make it easier for content creators to publish their podcasts. The same goes for YouTube Shorts, which at the moment is averaging 50 billion daily views. YouTube also plans to harness the growing power of AI – while no specifics were given, Monhan says that YouTube will be developing features that will allow channels to use AI in production and content creation.

Back in February, then-CEO Susan Wojcicki announced that she will be stepping down from her role to focus on personal matters and projects. The YouTube executive spent nine years at the helm of the platform, and was succeeded by Monhan who worked alongside her as the company’s Chief Product Officer.

Source: YouTube Blog

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