Mar 1st, 2023

A while back, we got word that CAPCOM was planning to release a spin-off Street Fighter game for mobile devices, which will feature a change of mechanics to the otherwise straightforward fighting game. Branded “Street Fighter: Duel,” the game has finally been made available for Android and iOS devices.

Street Fighter: Duel puts a twist on gameplay – instead of the original 1-on-1 fighting matches, the game instead uses a card-based battle system, which allows for online competitive play. As is the protocol with mobile titles, the game also comes with in-app purchases, as well as gacha mechanics integrated into its overall structure.

The game will also offer players the chance to upgrade items, skins, armor, and special moves, and even the option of auto-battle settings, much in line with most mobile games today.

With that said, hardcore Street Fighter fans and purists might not buy into this version of the game, in which case they might want to check out Street Fighter IV CE instead, which sticks to the series’ fighting game formula, adapted for touchscreen controls.

Source: Google Play

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