New TECNO MEGABOOK S1 and T1 laptops deliver high-end features on a budget


Just looking at the spec sheets of most laptops, you’ll realize that many of them use similar hardware. The majority of laptops will be powered by an Intel processor, come with around 8GB-16GB of RAM, some might come with a discrete GPU, SSD storage, and will run on Windows.

But suffice to say that while most laptops do seem to be cut from the same cloth, they aren’t always intended for the same purpose, and that’s where the details matter. For example, gamers might care more about having a larger display and better cooling, while students might opt for something light and portable and cheap, while office workers don’t need anything fancy and just want something that might be able to withstand the daily rigors of use.

That being said, at MWC 2023, TECNO has unveiled a couple of new laptops that you might be interested in. This comes in the form of the MEGABOOK T1, a laptop aimed at Gen Z users that prioritizes size and battery life, and the MEGABOOK S1, a laptop designed with enterprise users in mind.


Next up, if you’re someone who uses a laptop primarily for enterprise work, then maybe the Tecno MEGABOOK S1 could be a good fit. This is because the S1 is actually a pretty thin and light laptop, so if you’re a business professional that needs to travel to different offices, meet clients, and get work done while on the move, the thinness and lightness will make the S1 feel less of a burden.

The laptop weighs just 1.35kg and measures 13.5mm thin, so it should be small and light enough to slip into a briefcase if necessary. Considering the 15.6-inch display, it’s actually pretty light, thanks to the use of magnesium alloy which was used in the construction of its chassis.

Speaking of displays, TECNO has equipped it with a 3.2k resolution with a 16:10 aspect ratio, and interestingly enough for an enterprise laptop, it has a 120Hz refresh rate so scrolling through websites and watching videos should prove to be a rather smooth experience.

Under the hood, the S1 is powered by a 13th Gen Intel Core i7-1360P processor and can be configured in either 8GB or 16GB of LPDDR5 RAM, along with 512GB or 1TB SSD storage. TECNO has also introduced the Ice Storm System with VC Cooling to the S1, which allows the laptop to run smoother while also boosting its performance.

Similar to the MEGABOOK T1, there is a built-in 2MP webcam with a privacy shutter. Also, another similarity shared with the T1 is that the S1 also comes with a 65W GaN charger. This will help charge up the laptop’s 70Wh battery which according to TECNO, is said to be good for about 12 hours of continued usage, which should be more than enough for a day’s work.

The Tecno MEGABOOK S1 will be available in May for $1399.


With the Tecno MEGABOOK T1, what stood out to us was how good its advertised battery is. The MEGABOOK T1 is capable of lasting up to 18.5 hours, which is crazy because it means that when you wake up and turn on the laptop, it should be able to last you until you go to bed completely unplugged, thanks to its 75Wh battery. And the larger battery doesn’t mean you have to compromise on weight or size since the laptop is still thin and light. The laptop also sports a 14-inch, FHD Boundless Vision display with a 16:10 aspect ratio, giving you more screen real estate to get work done.

What’s also interesting about the laptop is that it comes with a 65W GaN charger. For those unfamiliar, GaN chargers use gallium nitride instead of silicone components that you might find from your typical charger. The upside is that it is better at managing heat, which results in less energy lost, and it is also smaller which means that you don’t need to carry a charging brick when you’re out and about.

In terms of specs, the MEGABOOK T1 is no slouch. Under the hood, we can find a 10nm Intel Core processor and it will be paired with either 12GB or 16GB of RAM, along with 512GB or 1TB SSD storage options.

The laptop also features a display with 350 nits of peak brightness, 100% sRGB high gamut, DC Adaptive Dimming, and it has the TUV Lande Eye Comfort certification. TECNO has also included a 2MP webcam built into the display which also comes with a cover so you can block the camera while it isn’t in use if you’re concerned about privacy.

The laptop also comes with a fingerprint power button to authenticate users, and it measures 14.8mm thin and weighs only 1.48kg, making it easy to bring around with you if you need to move between locations or if you’re traveling.

The MEGABOOK T1 can also be laid out completely flat, thanks to the hinge design that allows for a 180-degree angle. It will be available in seven different colors and is priced starting at $500.

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