ALLPOWERS’ S700 power station has all the power you’ll need


Joining the Scouts at a young age left a pretty deep impression on me because the motto of the Scout is to always “Be Prepared”. It is a good motto to live by, even if you’re not a Scout, because always being prepared for all kinds of situations isn’t a bad thing.

While some of us living in developed countries can always count on running water and a constant, stable source of energy, things can happen like blackouts, and if you have equipment that needs to be constantly powered or if you have work that needs to be done and cannot be interrupted, having a backup source of energy is a good idea.

This is where power stations come in. You can think of these gadgets as being an alternative to gas-powered generators, and in some ways they might even be better because they are designed to be portable and can also be recharged using solar energy. If you are in the market for a power station, then perhaps the ALLPOWERS S700 power station might be worth taking a look at.

Small but powerful

While there are some power stations that are designed to be used purely as a backup energy source for the home, if you’re after something that’s more compact, the S700 could be it. ALLPOWERS has designed the S700 to be a compact energy solution, where the company is going as far as calling it one of the smallest and lightest power stations in the market today for its power output and battery capacity.

But don’t let its size fool you because while it might be compact, it packs quite a punch in terms of power and battery size. Under the hood, it features a massive 164,000mAh battery which will be more than enough battery to power your gadgets like your phone, your tablets, your laptops, or even larger and more power-hungry devices.

Its compact design also means that if you’re the type of camper that likes having certain modern-day luxuries while they’re out in the wild, you can bring the S700 with you to keep the lights on, maybe plug a heater to it, or a kettle to help you brew some hot water for coffee making in the morning.

Another advantage of the S700 is that ALLPOWERS has used a high-density lithium-ion battery in the power station instead of a lead-acid power pack. What this means is that it allows them to create a more compact power station while also making it relatively quiet, which is perfect for outdoors use.

Solar powered

So, what happens when the S700 runs out of juice? You could always charge it the regular way by plugging it into a power source like a wall outlet, but for those who plan to bring the S700 with them on outdoor trips, getting access to a power outlet might not be that easy. This is why ALLPOWERS has made the S700 compatible with solar charging, allowing you to use it with solar panels to recharge it in the day to get it ready for use at night.

According to the company, using solar charging will allow users to charge the S700 up to 80% capacity in about 5 hours, and fully recharging it in about 8 hours, thanks to the 100W solar panels that are included in the S700 bundle.

While the concept of using solar panels to recharge a power station aren’t new, the solar panels used by ALLPOWERS has been designed to be portable and foldable with an adjustable bracket. This lets users adjust the angle of the solar panels to try and absorb as much sunlight as possible. It also makes it easy to carry around, although not that it isn’t easy to begin with as the panels are 1/3 lighter compared to other solar panels with the same power.

Modern-day features

While a lot of power banks are “dumb” in the sense that they are essentially battery packs, the S700 does come with some modern-day connectivity options. This includes Bluetooth connectivity which allows users to pair their phone with the power station, and with the accompanying Aipower app, users will be able to monitor and control their power stations remotely.

There is also support for wireless charging, so if you’re looking to free up some ports, as long as you have a smartphone or tablet or earbuds that supports wireless charging, then you can charge them on the power station and use the ports for other things.

Pricing and availability

So, if you’re keen on the ALLPOWERS S700 power station, the company is actually running a promotion that will discount the device. If you’re just looking for the S700 power station by itself, it will be priced at $649.99, which is a $150 discount off its regular asking price of $799.99.

If you’re looking to pick up the 100W solar panels, it is priced at $199.90 which is $100 off its normal price of $299.99. Last but not least, if you want to get the bundle which includes the S700 power station along with the 100W solar panels, it is priced at $690 which is a savings of $159.

To make your purchase or to learn more about the ALLPOWERS S700 or some of the company’s other products, head on over to their website for the details.

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