Revopoint’s RANGE makes 3D scanning easier and more accessible


Back in the day if you wanted to create a 3D model of something, you’d either need to make one completely from scratch using software, or if you were lucky enough to work in a big company, you might have access to 3D scanners.

But what if you aren’t? What if you’re just a hobbyist looking to create something on their own time? Thankfully, technology has advanced quite a bit over the years, where we’re starting to see more industrial-grade equipment get shrunken down and turned into more accessible consumer products.

If a 3D scanner is something you’re after, then you’re in luck because Revopoint has taken the wraps off its latest 3D scanner, the RANGE, that will make scanning quick and easy without breaking the bank.

Scan large objects with high precision

When it comes to 3D scanners, Revopoint is no stranger in the industry. The company has released 3D scanners in the past, like the MINI which was designed for smaller scaled objects. If you’re looking for something that can scan larger objects, then the RANGE might be a better choice.

It is capable of achieving high-precision scans for larger-scale objects while maintaining a competitive price point. For example, if you need to scan a person’s face or body, that’s possible, giving users the ability to create 3D models quickly and on the fly. This is thanks to the large FOV that puts 3D scanning into a device that can be held in your hands.

In addition to supporting large-scale objects, the RANGE is also capable of capturing better textures. If the textures of the object you’re trying to scan are important to your work, the improved texture mapping of the RANGE will help create more lifelike scans. It also means less work during post-processing.

Easy to use and to setup

One of the pain points of this type of industrial-grade hardware is that setting it up might be complicated and potentially expensive, but Revopoint has made the RANGE incredibly easy to put together.

All users need is basically a computer to connect the RANGE to, along with a single USB cable which will help power the device and also transmit data. The RANGE can also be used in handheld mode, so if you need to 3D scan objects in the field, all you need is a laptop to connect the RANGE to and you’re good to go.

It will also work with handheld stabilizers to help achieve a more steady scan, but for studio work, it also supports large turntables which can also support objects with a weight of up to 200kg, giving users quite a bit of freedom and flexibility when it comes to the types of objects they can scan.

It also works with smartphones, tablets, and computers, so you aren’t limited to which device you want to use with the RANGE. The support for mobile devices also means that portability will not be a problem if you need to make 3D scans of objects outdoors.

Various applications

Now the question is, what would you use a 3D scanner for? As we mentioned earlier, one of the potential uses is to scan humans so that you can create 3D models quickly. If you need to make a model for a game or a video, instead of creating one from scratch, you can just scan someone or even yourself and you’ll have a model ready to go.

Revopoint claims that its infrared light is friendly to the eyes, so you can use it on people and not worry about blinding them.

In addition to 3D scanning humans, other potential applications include scanning architectural designs. Maybe you want to help preserve some architecture landmarks or building designs, and with the RANGE being so portable, it will not be a problem.

It can also be used to help reverse engineer products, where you can 3D scan an object and then view it on your computer to better understand it. Once it has been digitized, you can edit it, make changes, and then 3D print out a new and improved iteration.

It also works with large objects like cars or furniture, so if you wanted to create a 3D model of furniture for your business so that customers can view it online and interact with it, you can do that as well.

Pricing and availability

If you think that Revopoint’s RANGE sounds like a 3D scanner you want to use with your projects, you might be pleased to learn that it is pretty affordable compared to some of the competition out there.

The first customers to back the Revopoint RANGE on Kickstarter will get the best deals, but everyone who participates in the Kickstarter campaign will still get a significant discount and save at least 25%.

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