Honor Magic Vs teardown shows what makes the phone tick


Samsung was one of the first companies on the scene with a foldable phone, but over the years, more companies have jumped into the fray, such as Honor, who back in 2022 launched their latest foldable smartphone in the form of the Honor Magic Vs.

For those unfamiliar, the Honor Magic Vs is the latest foldable from Honor and it follows the phone-tablet hybrid design that is the more common foldable phone design. As with all foldable phones, it uses a hinge to help open and close the display, which has been further explored thanks to a teardown video by JerryRigEverything.

One of the most obvious differences in the hinge design is that Honor has gone with a “tighter” design, where the Magic Vs does not show any gaps between the phone unlike Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold series. This helps make the phone feel more compact, and according to Honor, it is apparently rated for about 400,000 bends, which means that it is more durable compared to the competition.

The teardown also reveals the changes Honor made to the hinge design. Basically, it is much simpler compared to other foldable phone hinges, which cuts down on cost while also making the assembly easier and also making the phone lighter.

Another thing to note is that the Honor Magic Vs does not have an official water-resistance rating, but in the teardown, it was discovered that Honor did include some rubber rings around some of the components that could technically protect it against water ingress. You probably don’t want to put it to the test, but hopefully it is good enough where if it accidentally gets wet, it won’t spoil on you.

If you have some time to spare, this teardown might be worth a watch if you’re curious about what makes a foldable phone tick (or fold).

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