Upcoming Google Maps feature will make sure your EV has enough juice to reach its destination


The problem with EVs is that there aren’t enough charging stations compared to gas stations. This means that if you’re traveling out of state or long distances, it might be tricky to find a place to stop and recharge your vehicle. The good news is that Google is trying to do something about that.

In an APK teardown by 9to5Google, they have discovered an upcoming feature in Google Maps for Android where it appears that Google is getting ready to introduce a new way of route planning for EV car owners.

Based on the strings that were discovered, it seems that Google Maps will be able to let users know based on their trips, whether or not their car’s battery will be low upon reaching their destination. It will also alert users if their destination is too far to go on a single charge, and lets them know that they will need to make a charging stop.

It also seems that Google Maps will inform users if the charging stations along their route are compatible with their vehicle. At the moment it is unclear how Google plans to calculate this data, but presumably users might need to enter their vehicle model and current range in order for Google to make these determinations.

Either way, it sounds like it could be quite useful for EV owners who might be planning longer trips and want a more automated way of knowing when to charge and where to charge, so hopefully we’ll have more details about the upcoming feature soon.

Source: 9to5Google

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