VOLTME Revo 140W GaN charger offers multi-port blazing fast charging


These days, we tend to carry a lot of gadgets on our person, especially if you are a digital nomad or someone who works on the go. There might be phones involved, tablets, laptops, headphones, smartwatches, and so on. This means that sometimes you might need to bring with you multiple chargers.

This can be annoying as they can take up space, plus the place you’re going might not have all the power points you need to plug them in, like if you’re at a cafe, for example. This is why chargers with multiple ports are handy as it means you’ll only need to bring one charger with you.

If that’s something you’re interested in, then perhaps VOLTME’s 140W USB-C GaN charger could be an accessory worth checking out.


In terms of design, VOLTME has kept its charger quite simple with a slate gray finish with a dimpled design on the sides that will make it easier to grip while adding a bit of texture and keeping its look interesting.

The ports also have orange highlights which adds a nice contrast and a pop of color to an otherwise simple design. It also has a small LED light that lets you know when devices are plugged in and are being charged.

It also boasts a foldable plug design which means that you don’t need to worry about plug points awkwardly sticking out and maybe scratching or even puncturing your bag or carrying pouch. It also makes it more compact.

VOLTME has also included some safety features as part of the design of the charger. This includes dynamic power protection, short-circuit protection, over-voltage protection, and over temperature protection, so you can use the charger and not have to worry about it short-circuiting or overheating.

Multiple Ports

So one of the selling points of VOLTME’s 140W charger is the fact that it has multiple ports. For those who hate having to carry around multiple chargers, having a variety of ports within a single charger is a huge convenience.

These ports include two USB-C ports that can put out a combined total of 130W (or 140W single-port), meaning that it will be more than capable of charging a laptop and a smartphone at the same time, or a laptop and a tablet, or a tablet and a smartphone. There is also a USB-A port for older devices that still use charging cables that come with a USB-A plug on one end.

According to VOLTME, the charging ports offer both PD 3.1 and QC 5.0, and will be capable of juicing up phones really quickly. The company claims that when two iPhone Pros are plugged in, it can hit the 50% mark in as little as 30 minutes, or if you want to charge multiple MacBook Pros, it can get it up to 50% in 50 minutes, which is pretty decent, especially since Apple’s more recent MacBooks already have pretty long-lasting batteries, so 50% should be enough to get most users through the day and then some.

The charger will also feature the company’s V-Dynamic HelixDuo Power Distribution system, which is an intelligent power distribution system that will be able to detect how much power a device needs and can redirect it accordingly. This means that if you’re charging a laptop and a phone at the same time, obviously the laptop will need more juice compared to the phone, and the charger will be able to distribute that power accordingly.

GaN III Technology

Another selling point of the VOLTME charger is that it uses GaN III IC technology. For those unfamiliar, GaN stands for gallium nitride. This is a newer type of charging technology that we’re seeing in modern-day chargers, versus more traditional chargers that still rely heavily on silicon components.

One of the upsides of using GaN versus silicon is that GaN is more heat efficient. This allows the charger to remain cooler than silicon under heavier loads, which means that less heat is generated, which in turn allows it to be more efficient. GaN chargers also use fewer components which can result in chargers that are smaller.

This is a win-win as it results in a charger that is not only smaller but also more efficient at its job. In fact, VOLTME claims that its 140W charger is 20% smaller compared to Apple’s own 140W charger, which only charges one device at a time.

Pricing & Availability

So, if VOLTME’s 140W GaN charger is something you might be interested in, it is currently available for purchase on Amazon where it is priced at $99.99. This is a discounted price of 29% where normally it would cost you $139.99, making this a great deal if you’re looking for a small and powerful charger that can charge multiple devices at once.

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