Google gives Stadia controllers a second life


We’re sure that many were kind of shocked and surprised to learn that Google would be shuttering its Stadia game streaming service, but in a way, we can’t say we didn’t see it coming. Gamers still had to buy their games ala carte so apart from the novelty of being able to play on any device, there was no real reason to use it compared to the other services.

That being said, for those who bought themselves a Stadia controller because maybe they saw themselves playing it for the long-term, we have some good news for you because it appears that Google will be issuing an update this week that will enable Bluetooth connectivity for the controller.

This is according to a tweet by the official Stadia account and what that means is that if you want to use the controller as a regular controller for other devices and games, the enabling of Bluetooth means that you will be able to do just that. If you were wondering if maybe you should ask Google for a refund, maybe this update could change your mind as it gives the controllers a new lease on life.

Google has started the refund process for subscriptions and software purchases, which is automatic, and it is expected that the majority of these refunds should be completed by the 18th of January, 2023, so keep an eye out for it if you have bought any games through Stadia or if you subscribed to the Pro subscription package.

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