Reports Show Americans pay around 700% More for Data than Consumers in the UK


If you’ve ever complained that your mobile data plan is too expensive, well you might not be wrong – a study conducted online by Fair Betting Sites (using data from has pointed out that North American consumers are subscribed to considerably more expensive mobile and data plans.

According to the report, cell phone data costs rose by a whopping 68% YoY (year-over-year) in the United States during 2022 alone, with mobile data costing as much as $5.62/1GB on average – this is a pretty large leap from 2021, in which data cost just around $3.33. This is also higher than what most consumers in the UK pay for, which when converted amounts to around $0.79. Canada meanwhile averages to around $5.94, making it pretty close to the US in terms of pricing.

The report was based on data which compared the average cost of over 5,000 mobile data plans across 233 countries to calculate how much 1GB of data cost in different regions and markets.

By comparison, Israel and Italy rank among the regions with cheapest cost for 1GB of mobile phone data, while remote islands in South America and Africa are among the regions which offer the most expensive data plans. In South America, 1GB of data in the Falkland Islands went as high as $38.45, while Saint Helena topped the list with an average cost of $41.06/1GB of mobile data.

Source: Fair Betting Sites

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