The OnePlus 7/7T reaches its end of life with a final update


When it comes to software updates, companies usually guarantee a certain period of time in which they promise they will keep their handsets up to date. This of course ranges from company to company, but in terms of updates, we’re looking at around 2-3 years for major OS updates, and maybe 3-5 years of security updates.

Unfortunately for OnePlus 7 and 7T owners, it looks like the time has come for your phones as OnePlus has officially started to roll out the final update for the phones which have now reached their end of life status.

What this means for owners of the handset is that after this update, OnePlus will no longer be guaranteeing any future updates to the phone. This does not mean we will no longer see updates for either handset. There are times when companies do release updates for older phones for security reasons, but pending any such incidents, you probably shouldn’t hold your breath.

For the most part, the final updates are more related to security and overall system stability and performance, so don’t expect anything too major. So, if you have yet to update your phone, keep an eye out for the update which should be rolling out as we speak,

Source: XDA Developers

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