Future Microsoft Office update could introduce AI to help you write documents


AI can do a lot of things, such as make predictions and analysis and pick up on things that a human might have otherwise missed out on. This is why it’s not surprising to see AI being used in industries like the medical one.

Because it can learn, it can also help automate certain tasks, and it seems that AI could soon be coming for the job of us writers if a report from The Information (paywall) is anything to go on.

According to the report, it has suggested that Microsoft could be thinking of engaging OpenAI’s help in integrating AI into Microsoft Office’s suite of productivity apps. The idea is that it could potentially be used to help users draft up documents, reply to emails, and more. It could even be used to make better translations of documents, which in turn would allow users from multiple countries to better collaborate together.

Some other potential uses is were it could also be used to power Microsoft’s other services such as Bing and allow Microsoft to better compete with Google Search by offering up better predictions. At the moment there is no mention of when we can expect to see this integration but it might be something to look forward to in the future.

Source: Android Police

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