Update Arrives for Stardew Valley Mobile, Adds New Location and Characters


If you’re a fan of the widely popular farming + adventure sim title Stardew Valley, then you’re in luck – a new update has dropped for the game, bringing along a wealth of new content, as well as elements which should draw players back in.

Known as the 1.5 update, the software patch brings Ginger Island, a new area which features additional events and storylines featuring Leo, a new addition to the game’s set of NPCs. Other new characters include Gourmand Frog, Professor Snail, and Birdie. The new Volcano Dungeon has also been added, which hides some new enemies within, including the Dwarvish Sentry, False Magma Cap, and Hot Head, to name a few.

New farm features have also been added, including a new beach farm layout, ostriches as farm animals, as well as modifications to furniture such as beds, which can now be moved around.

The developers have also added Advanced Game Options, which now allows players to set seed values used in randomization, choose default vs randomized community center bundles, and choose default vs randomized mine chests (to name a few of them). There’s an impressive amount of new settings and content for sure, which players can further check out in the link below.

Source: Stardew Valley

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