Upcoming Motorola Defy smartphone will be getting satellite connectivity


One of the features that we’re starting to see on more smartphones these days is satellite connectivity. What this does is that it allows phones to remain connected even in remote places where cellular coverage might be spotty.

This is designed for emergency situations where a person could be lost or stranded somewhere and under normal circumstances, they might not have cellular coverage to call for help. While this feature has yet to become mainstream, more handset makers are adopting it and the next will be Motorola.

This was announced at CES 2023 by the Bullitt Group, the same company behind the CAT-branded rugged smartphones. According to the announcement, it seems that the company will be responsible for bringing the feature to an upcoming Motorola Defy 5G smartphone.

Motorola has yet to officially announce the handset yet so details about its specs and features (apart from Bullitt’s satellite connectivity) are unknown, but the company claims that more details are expected to be revealed soon, so we should have more details in the coming weeks and months.

Source: Android Authority

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