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Samsung’s SmartThings Station is a Smart Home Command Center


Building on its smart home product line up, Samsung today announced the SmartThings Station, a smart home hub and fast charging pad. The new product was unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, and Samsung says that the new product will offer users an easy setup process, as well as compatibility with a range of smart home products including Matter devices. According to Jaeyeon Jung, Executive Vice President and Head of SmartThings (Device Platform Center at Samsung Electronics):

“Having a smarter home shouldn’t be complicated or expensive. So we wanted to create SmartThings Station as a simple, reliable and expandable smart home hub. The number of devices in a connected home continues to grow, especially in light of the recent Matter standard launch. We’re proud to play a role in making it easier to embrace this exciting technology.”

Samsung’s SmartThings Station involves a very simple set-up process – users will receive easy-to-follow instructions via their smartphone, and they can also choose the option to onboard devices using their smartphone camera to scan a QR code. They can then use the SmartThings Station and SmartThings mobile app to automate devices like thermostats, lightbulbs, TVs, and more.

When leaving home, users can also assign the SmartThings Station to turn off power outlets and unused appliances to save energy, and activate a security system. A user can trigger up to three different routines just by pressing the Smart Button, with a short press, long press, or double press activations. Furthermore, the SmartThings Station is also compatible with Samsung’s SmartThings Find, a tracking service which helps users locate missing devices.

Additionally, the Station can also be used as a charging pad with up to 15W wireless charging. It will soon be available in the U.S. and Korea with black or white variants from early February 2023 for U.S. consumers.

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