Samsung Galaxy S23’s price could be rather surprising


Usually whenever a new flagship phone has launched, it is accompanied by a hike in prices. There are numerous reasons for this, like trying to achieve higher profit margins, cost of components or raw materials going up, offsetting inflation, more money spent on R&D, and so on.

Regardless, it’s usually the customer that ends up paying for these changes. The good news is that if you were looking forward to the Samsung Galaxy S23 and were hoping that it wouldn’t see a price jump, you could be in luck.

According to the rumors, it has been suggested that Samsung could end up charging customers the same price for the Galaxy S23 as they did with the Galaxy S22. Keep in mind that the Galaxy S22 is not a cheap phone by any means, but at the very least there is a chance we won’t have to pay more.

It’s interesting because the rumors are also saying that the components for the Galaxy S23 are expected to be more expensive than its predecessor, meaning that Samsung might end up earning less. But then again, Samsung makes the bulk of its profits from its lower-end and mid-range phones, so while they could be making less with its flagships, it could be worth it if it means getting more of its phones and its brand out there.

Source: SamMobile

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