Users Reporting Fitbit Connectivity Issues with One UI Update


If you happen to own a Fitbit device such as a Charge 5 or a Luxe alongside a Samsung Galaxy device, then you might want to take a bit of precaution with installing the latest One UI 5 update on your smartphone, which seems to have been causing connectivity problems for some users.

More specifically, owners of Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip and Z Fold series handsets have reported syncing issues following the One UI 5.0 update, which includes a full OS upgrade to Android 13. A post in the Fitbit Community forums has had several users sharing their experiences with the update, although Fitbit has acknowledged the issue as per a statement in the forums:

“Our team has identified the root cause of the bug and we are working on a fix, which we anticipate releasing via an app update in early 2023. In the meantime, if you have access to another mobile device (borrowed, old device, etc) where you can install the Fitbit app (min Apple iOS 14 and higher  or Android 8 or higher) try syncing/setting up your Luxe.”

Additionally, some users have reported that update versions F711BXXU3DVL9, F711BOXM3DVL9, and F711BXXU3DVL9 for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 (released in December 2022) have fixed the issue.

Source: Sammobile

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