Samsung Galaxy S24 could feature an upgraded telephoto camera


We’ve gotten to the point in our smartphones where megapixel count isn’t as important as it used to be. This is because at a certain point and also based on our needs, is there really a need for such a high megapixel count? Instead, we’re starting to see more companies focus on the camera lenses themselves.

According to a recent rumor by Ice Universe, they are claiming that with the Samsung Galaxy S24, Samsung is apparently expected to introduce a new and upgraded telephoto lens that will be better than what is currently available. The tipster also claims that the main camera might not change too much, so it seems that for now, the main change will be the telephoto aspect of the camera.

That being said, we should note that the Galaxy S23 hasn’t even been announced yet. The Galaxy S24 is only expected to be launched in 2024 which means that this rumor is very, very early and we should take it with a heaping mound of salt for now. At the same time, we can’t say we would be too surprised if it were true.

LG themselves have recently introduced a new telephoto module of their own, and seeing how Samsung and LG compete very closely with each other, we’re sure that Samsung isn’t going to sit around and do nothing. Either way, we’re still a long ways off from knowing any more solid details so don’t put too much stock into this for now.

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