OnePlus tries to prove us wrong by tweeting from an iPhone


It’s probably safe to assume that companies like Apple, Samsung, OnePlus, and so on encourage their employees to use their products. It might not necessarily be a rule, but we imagine that it’s not a good look for Apple employees to be using a competitor’s product and vice versa.

That being said, it seems that one of OnePlus’ social media managers might have made that mistake when they sent out a tweet using the iPhone. The tweet was in question to a recent video by MKBHD where he did his usual roundup of the best smartphones in which the OnePlus 10T won the “Bust of the Year”.

OnePlus then tweeted at the tech YouTuber saying that they’ll be proving the industry wrong in 2023 with presumably the upcoming OnePlus 11 and whatever handsets they plan to release next year. Unfortunately, it was discovered that the tweet came from an iPhone, which made the whole thing hilarious.

To be fair, OnePlus employees are more than welcome to use whichever phones they prefer. Plus, we can also imagine that OnePlus probably uses the phones of their competitors to better understand what their rivals are doing and how they might best beat them, but in this case, it felt like it might have backfired.

Source: Android Authority

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