Watch your movies anywhere with XGIMI’s MoGo 2 Pro projector


Portable projectors can be fun gadgets to own. This is because it allows you to watch your shows anywhere. While you  can always do that with a smartphone or tablet, projectors let you project onto larger surfaces, making it perfect for watching movies and TV shows with a bunch of friends.

Now, if you’re looking for a new portable projector, then you might want to check out the XGIMI MoGo 2 Pro. This is the company’s latest projector which they are claiming will be smaller, lighter, and more powerful than its predecessors, where it will measure in at 2.2 pounds in terms of weight, while it only has a height of 6.54-inches, truly making it a portable projector.

According to XGIMI, one of the features that users can look forward to in the MoGo 2 Pro is that it will be using the company’s ISA 2.0 technology. This is known as Intelligent Screen Adaption where it will offer features like Seamless Auto Keystone Correction, Seamless Auto Focus, and Intelligent Eye Protection.

All of this will take place behind the scenes while the projector is running, so users don’t have to worry about it or fiddle around, just sit back and enjoy their shows. The MoGo 2 Pro also offers brightness of more than 350 ISO lumens, and will support up to 1080p Full HD resolution and HDR 10 support.

Pricing of the XGIMI MoGo 2 Pro has yet to be announced, but the company has stated that they will be showcasing the projector at CES 2023 come January next year, so we will have more information and a potential hands-on with it then.

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