Google Search on desktop is getting a more contemporary makeover


Back in the day before smartphones were popular, companies like Google continued to focus and prioritize the desktop experience for things like Search, YouTube, and more. But with more people spending time on their phones than ever before, Google shifted their focus to mobile.

This resulted in better experiences for things like Search if you were searching on your phone, while the desktop version still felt a bit dated. Now according to 9to5Google, it appears that Google is finally giving its desktop search services a more modern makeover with new Knowledge Panels.

These panels are similar to what you might have previously seen on mobile, where if you search for certain topics like cities, recipes, and people like celebrities, it would display information in the form of cards so that you can get a brief summary of what you were looking for, like in the screenshot above.

This design is in line with how Google has been approaching search, where they try to provide as much information as possible at a glance so that it can potentially save users time from having to click to a website, wait for it to load, and users then start to look for what they were searching for.

At the moment, it doesn’t appear that these new Knowledge Panels will cover every single person or topic out there (for example searching for “potato” will display the panels, but searching for “carrot” doesn’t), but presumably it will.

Source: 9to5Google

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