Android 13 Arrives for More Sony Handsets


If you own a Sony Xperia smartphone – in particular, one of the “older” handsets – then you’re in luck. Sony has started rolling out the latest Android 13 OS update to more Xperia devices, and several users have finally received the much-awaited OS upgrade for their respective phones.

More specifically, the update has been made available for the Xperia 5 IV and the Xperia Pro-I, as well as the Xperia 1 III and Xperia 5 III in some regions. With that said, the Android 13 update for the Xperia 5 IV is currently rolling out to devices with model numbers XQ-CQ72 and SO-54C, with software patch numbers 64.1.A.0.857 and 64.1.C.0.90, respectively.

Meanwhile, the Android 13 update is making its way to “Mark III” series devices with update patch number 61.2.A.0.382 for the Xperia 1 III, and 61.2.A.0.381 for the Xperia 5 III. Likewise, Xperia Pro-I owners should soon receive update number 61.2.F.0.147. At the moment, the update has been spotted for Southeast Asian variants of the phones, so users in other regions should keep an eye out for the update as it makes its way to more markets and countries.

Sony isn’t the only manufacturer that’s recently started sending out the Android 13 software patch – ASUS’ Zenfone 9 series has also received the latest OS version, in scheduled roll-outs for different device batches.

Source: XDA Developers

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