Latest update to Chrome will now support Passkeys


Passwords have been more or less the standard way we have been logging into websites and services for decades, but it’s not the perfect system. This is because the strength of a password depends on the person who chose it, and seeing as how some people are still using “password” as their password, it can be easily breached.

The good news is that if you use Google Chrome as your main browser, you might be interested to learn that in the latest update to Chrome that will bring it up to version 108, Google will be introducing support for Passkeys.

For those unfamiliar, Passkeys is designed to be an alternative to passwords. It will rely on things like your phone to authenticate you, meaning that it will be device dependent which makes it harder to breach. Plus, they are also unique to different services which means that if you’re the type that reuses passwords, you don’t have to worry about hackers using that password to access your other accounts.

It is also not OS or device exclusive, which means that whether you’re using a Mac, Windows, Android, or iOS, it will work. We expect it will be a while before Passkeys could potentially replace the need for passwords, but if you’d like to get started, the latest version of Chrome might be worth checking out.

Source: Google

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