Dec 1st, 2022

These days we’re starting to see the rise of VTubers or VStreamers, which for those unfamiliar is basically where users use a digital avatar of themselves in videos or streams instead of their actual face.

There are a variety of reasons for this, such as the novelty, being able to put on a persona, and also give yourself a little bit of privacy. But being a VTuber or VStreamer isn’t easy, especially if you hope to be convincing as it would require motion capture of yourself and translating that to your digital avatar, but Sony is here to make things easier with the launch of the Mocopi.

The Mocopi is a motion capture kit that consists of six sensors, with each roughly around the size of an Apple AirTag. Users will then strap it to their bodies at different parts, like their hands, legs, their head, and so on, and from there the data will be captured and then applied to a digital avatar.

This means that your avatar, instead of remaining static or relying on premade animations, will be more realistic as it will move as you move. It also appears that there is lip syncing where the avatar’s mouth can move as yours moves. It is an interesting idea but it does seem to be pretty niche.

Sony will be releasing the SDK later this month and it will also be available for purchase in Japan where it is priced at around $360.

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