Tecno’s Eagle Eye Lens could change the way we take smartphone videos


Smartphone camera technology has come a very long way from the early days. These days, we have smartphones that can shoot video with depth of field effects that are very convincing and almost comparable to what you might expect from a dedicated cinematographer’s rig.

Of course, there can always be improvements which is why we are excited at what Tecno has to offer. The company has unveiled their new Eagle Eye Lens camera system, a new piece of smartphone camera technology that the company claims is the first-ever dual prism telephoto camera setup that can automatically follow objects when shooting.

This is thanks to the dual prism design that according to Tecno, work independently of each other where one prism can shift from +/-  degrees, while the other can do +/- 10 degrees, and when used together, it will be able to track objects by +/- 16 degrees on one axis, and +/- 20 degrees on the other axis.

The ability of these prisms to move independently (or together) also means that optical stabilization becomes better, resulting in photos and videos that have less camera shake to them. According to Tecno, this stabilization and tracking makes the system ideal for sporting events where objects or people are moving quickly and photographers need to be able to track them accurately.

Tecno is expecting to launch premium smartphones in 2023 that will see the cameras being used in actual devices, but we’re not sure if there are plans to eventually license out its technology so that other smartphone makers can take advantage of it as well.

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