Nov 22nd, 2022

Samsung’s latest foldables come in the form of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Flip 4, but if you don’t mind saving a bit of money and get last year’s tech, Samsung’s actually running an incredible promotion right now for the Galaxy Z Fold 3, a phone that’s still pretty much a great handset despite it being a year old.

The company is offering a deal which will let you get $600 off the smartphone, plus they’ll be tossing in a free unit of The Freestyle projector that is valued at $800, which means not only will you get a new phone, but you’ll get a free projector that you can use together with the phone, making this one of the cheapest foldable phones we’ve seen around.

In case you’re not looking for a new phone, not to worry because Samsung is also running a deal for the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra. This deal will let you save $650 on the tablet, which s a 60% discount, allowing you to grab one of the best Android tablets of 2022 at a fraction of its original asking price, so what are you waiting for?

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