Call of Duty Warzone Mobile Launching Next Year


After the success of Call of Duty Mobile on smartphone gaming platforms, it looks like Activision is gearing up for the launch of its follow-up battle royale shooter, Call of Duty Warzone Mobile. The title was previously open for pre-registration on Google Play, and it seems that we’re getting closer to an official launch date.

More specifically, the game has gone up for pre-order on the Apple App Store, with an initial launch date of May 15, 2023, at least according to the game’s listing. This also gives us a better idea of when the game might launch for Android devices, which should be around the same time as on Apple devices. This does mean that players will have to wait a bit more, however. 

The Call of Duty franchise has grown to be one of the more popular titles in modern gaming history, and this popularity has transcended onto mobile devices, with COD Mobile earning $1 billion to date. Interestingly enough, Call of Duty has been available before on mobile devices back in the day – the series actually made its presence on Android felt much earlier with Call of Duty Strike Team, and although it featured FPS gameplay as well, it focused more on solo-player campaigns intertwined with strategy mechanics.

With that said, players will have to keep an eye out for more announcements from Activision regarding Warzone Mobile’s launch.

Source: Droid Gamers

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