Snapdragon’s Compute Platform Pushes Boundaries for Creative and Enterprise Applications


In line with the launch of its latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 platform, Qualcomm announced that it is continuously working to push the boundaries of mobile computing with AI collaborations to bring cutting-edge mobile innovations to Windows 11 PCs. Several big brands such as Microsoft, Adobe and Citi expressed their support for Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Compute platform, designed to bring new advancements for thinner, sleeker, and fanless computing devices.

Kedar Kondap, SVP & GM for Compute & Gaming at Qualcomm states:

“Our vision is to drive the convergence of mobile and PC, bringing the best of the smartphone to your laptop. Enhanced software, custom hardware, unprecedented connectivity, and broad ecosystem support set Snapdragon compute products apart from the competition. With Snapdragon at the center of premium experiences, we continue to enable innovative designs and extraordinary experiences that users deserve, accelerating the transition to Windows on Snapdragon.”

In particular, Qualcomm and Microsoft are working together in advancing AI capabilities in pursuit of the development of more modern and powerful laptops using the improved neural processing and efficiency of Snapdragon’s compute platforms.

This collaboration has resulted in new AI-accelerated experiences for Windows 11 users, including Windows Studio Effects Voice Focus, Background Blur, as well as Automatic Framing and Eye Contact which were highlighted at the launch of the Surface Pro 9 5G. Snapdragon offloads these computationally intensive tasks to a dedicated AI Engine, freeing the CPU and GPU to handle performance and power efficiency. For example, Windows Studio Effects powered by Snapdragon on-device AI-Acceleration ISV resources such as the Windows Developer Kit 2023 (which runs on the Snapdragon 8cx Gen 3) make it even easier for developers to use the dedicated AI Engine. 

Other applications of the platform have carried over to creativity-focused usage – Adobe has used the Snapdragon 8cx Gen 3-powered developer kit for its Creative Suite, with dedicated AI-processing capabilities for user experiences that pair with Adobe Sensei. Adobe also announced that more key Adobe Creative Cloud applications will become native for Windows 11 PCs this coming 2023.

Snapdragon Compute has also made it possible for enterprises such as Citi to leverage these AI developments, while also advancing sustainability goals. Citi announced the transition of more than 70% of its 300,000 global users to mobile products which run on Snapdragon like the Lenovo ThinkPad X13s.

Given the widespread popularity and adoption of Qualcomm’s mobile chipsets by several brands and manufacturers, it shouldn’t be too long until we likewise see more collaborations and products running on its Snapdragon Compute platform.

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