Nothing Phone (1) Gets Video Performance Updgrade


Nothing Phone 1 owners are about to get a sweet upgrade – IMINT Image Intelligence and Nothing have collaborated to integrated Imint’s “Vidhance” software features to the Phone 1, which brings some impressive video performance upgrades.

As per mint CEO Andreas Lifvendahl:

“Nothing and Imint both share a deep commitment to innovation through product design and technical excellence. “Nothing is disrupting the established smartphone market through breakthrough design and performance while Imint is pushing the boundaries of smartphone video quality. We’re thrilled to kick off our collaboration with Nothing’s Phone (1) to deliver video experiences that today’s most creative, innovative content producers increasingly demand.”

Imint’s fourth-generation Vidhance software will allow the Nothing Phone 1 to capture videos with improved video stabilization by aiding the phone’s built-in OIS to cancel out unwanted movement frame by frame. This results in video clips which are clearer, sharper, and free from shakes that often results from handheld-shot footage. Vidhance makes use of a stabilization engine that removes unwanted motion, while smoothing out the remaining video footage. Additionally, it uses advanced look-ahead processing, which anticipates user movement, and is power-efficient as well without consuming too much battery.

With that said, it should be interesting to see how Vidhance works with video clips, given the proliferation of social media video platforms such as Tiktok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube shorts. The integration of Vidhance software with the Phone 1’s already-impressive hardware works by keeping the image stable and in frame even when the user is moving.

Founded in Sweden back in 2007, Imint has pioneered advancements in intelligent sensors and data analysis for optical devices, including smartphones, AR wearables, body cams, and more. The company’s Vidhance suite of video enhancement software has been integrated into more than 700 million camera devices, including consumer and industrial markets. The company has also worked with brands such as Rokid and RealWare.

Source: Imint

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