Oct 31st, 2022

More often than not, the price for an advertised product or service isn’t necessarily the only price you’ll have to pay. For example, sometimes joining a gym will require you to pay a first and last month deposit, administration fees, registration fees, and so on. With carriers, there are also activation fees, a feature that T-Mobile has waived in some instances, like when you register online.

Unfortunately, for customers looking to save on that fee, that may no longer be possible. According to internal documents obtained by The T-Mo Report, it appears that T-Mobile is getting ready to introduce a $35 activation fee for pretty much every transaction that you make with them.

This new activation fee will replace the carrier’s “Assisted Support Charge” with a new “Device Connection Charge”. This fee will be applied whenever you make a transaction with T-Mobile, like when you add a new line to your account, upgrade your existing line, adding a Bring-Your-Own-Device line, or when ordering a Home Internet line.

This also applies when you make a purchase online, which is how some customers have typically avoided paying these fees in the past. This is more or less in line with what other carriers like AT&T and Verizon are doing, so if anything, T-Mobile is becoming more like the competition and less of the “Un-carrier” that they usually refer to themselves as.

So, if you are planning on signing up with T-Mobile or purchasing new services or lines from them, then this is something you’ll want to keep in mind.

Source: The T-Mo Report

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