Google is giving Workspace Individual plan subscribers an upgrade in storage


As more of our work starts transitioning to the cloud due to it being easier to access anywhere we are and how it allows for remote collaboration, it means that we might need more cloud storage now than ever.

The good news is that if you’re someone with a Google Workspace Individual account, it seems that Google is tossing you a free storage upgrade. For context, the Individual plan only gives users 15GB of Google Drive storage, but with this upgrade, users will be bumped up to 1TB.

Yes, you read that right, instead of a paltry upgrade that might try to encourage users to pay more for storage, Google will be giving these subscribers a bump from 15GB to a whopping 1TB. According to Google:

“Business owners have told us the familiarity of our tools helps them get more done. And today, we’re offering even more features for Workspace Individual users. We’re announcing an increase to storage capacity and advances in email personalization for all customers. We’re also expanding our regional availability to bring Google Workspace Individual to even more business owners around the world.”

We’re not sure why Google is being so generous, but we welcome it. Hopefully this doesn’t mean that further down the road, Google might increase the price of the Individual plan to make up for it, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Source: Google

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