DEAL: Get the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, Flip 4 and save $400 with qualified activation


Samsung’s latest foldables are very tempting. There’s something pretty cool about a phone that can transform into a tablet, or a phone that can fold into itself that reminds us of the good old days of the flip phone.

Unfortunately, Samsung’s foldables on any given day do not come cheap, but we have some good news. If you buy either handset with qualified activation, you will be able to save as much as $400! This is actually a pretty insane deal when you think about it because it means that the Flip 4 can be had at nearly half the price, while the Fold 4 becomes a lot more affordable.

So, if you have been eyeing either handset but have held off because of its price, then now might be a good time to get your hands on either. Take note that this deal will only be valid until the 3rd of November, so you have about a week to take advantage of these massive savings.

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Tyler Lee
A graphic novelist wannabe. Amateur chef. Mechanical keyboard enthusiast. Writer of tech with over a decade of experience. Juggles between using a Mac and Windows PC, switches between iOS and Android, believes in the best of both worlds.

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