Chrome will soon let you snooze unused tabs to free up memory


Google’s Chrome browser is notorious for being a memory hog. Over the years, Google has made changes and improvements to help reduce the memory consumption of its browser, and the good news is that in a future update, there will be an option that will let users snooze unused tabs.

For those who keep a lot of tabs open, this is what contributes to memory consumption, but with this upcoming feature, users will be able to snooze these tabs. What this does is that it allows users to keep the tabs “open” in their browser so that users can quickly go back to it when they want, but at the same time when it’s not in use, it can be snoozed.

According to the feature, these tabs will automatically unsnooze itself when users reopen the tab, which also makes it easier for users to go back and forth between tabs as and when they need, instead of closing a tab and then having to reload it later which might take more time and data, especially if the user is relying on a mobile hotspot or is somewhere with a slow internet connection.

There is no mention as to when these changes are expected to go live. At the moment, they are only available for Chrome Canary builds which indicates that Google is testing it out, so hopefully it won’t be too long before it is eventually available to the general public.

Source: Android Police

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