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Robot vacuums are all the rage these days. They clean up after us and even mop our floors, but there are times when they’re not the best solution, especially if you need to clean stuff like fabrics, upholstery and such. This is where the UWANT B200 comes in – it’s a spot cleaning vacuum that’ll make your robot vacuum look like a child’s toy. With that said, how does it fare in real-world use though? Let’s take a look.

Hardware Design

Unboxing the B200, you are greeted by the cleaner itself, alongside some paperwork like your warranties and manuals, as well as additional attachments for the cleaner itself. In terms of looks, the B200 comes with a rather large build, which is understandable given the wealth of features that come with it.

It’s easy to move around though, thanks to a rotatable wheel that can go in any direction. This is aided by two other wheels that makes it easy to move the cleaner around. Additionally, its power cable measures 3.5 meters, so it’s perfectly mobile in most indoor situations.

The brushes on the cleaner are designed with an anti-bacterial material that helps against odor, a common problem with most vacuum cleaners. They’re also well-designed which should be ideal for getting dirt and debris which can sometimes be left uncleaned by other vacuum cleaners.

It also comes with two large water tanks, which separate the water used for cleaning and dirty water, and an additional 200ml solution tank for soap and detergent. The B200 shoots water at a high pressure at up to 2.36 inches into a fabric or surface, which lets it break down stains thanks to its powerful stream.


Unlike a lot of other spot cleaners, the B200 comes with 12,000 Pa of suction power, which allowed me to thoroughly clean dirt and spots which otherwise wouldn’t be as easy to clean with a different machine. There are three cleaning solutions that are available on the B200, which include deep cleaning, mite control, and textiles.

The B200 comes with a 4-in-1 cleaning process, which makes use of a high-pressure water stream that slowly breaks down stains, followed by powerful brushing action that removes the stains, draining the water, and using suction to dry the remaining moisture.

This process makes it ideal for cleaning frustrating dirt and stains which are heavily embedded into most fabrics, which otherwise wouldn’t be removable with scrubbing and wiping. With that said, the B200 works great on a lot of different fabrics and textures, so sofas, cushions, carpets, clothes and mattresses will be no problem for the cleaner.

I really like this function as accidental spills are a lot easier to deal with, and it spares you the frustration of trying to get out stains with a wet rag or towel, which isn’t always the most effective way to go about doing this.

The fact that the B200 can also instantly dry up surfaces makes it a much better method of rescuing carpets and other fabric from spills and stains, as you won’t have to wait a long time for the particular spot to dry up.

Personally, we’ve used the cleaner at home to get rid of some annoying stains on some of our rugs and couches, saving us time and effort which would have been spent with less efficient cleaning methods, and trips to the dry cleaners as well.


The B200 comes with a handful of cleaning modes, such as a standard cleaning mode, a cleaning solution mode, ironing mode, and steam mode. The standard mode works best for not-too-tough stains, although if you need some more firepower, you can opt to use the cleaning solution mode, which will use detergent from the solution tank to melt away tough dirt and stains from surfaces.

The B200 also comes with a high-temperature steamer, which allows you to use Steam Mode. Steam mode will let you clean surfaces with up to 212F temperature, killing germs and making sure that your spots are removed, and surfaces kept clean. This also makes it ideal for disinfecting and sterilizing textiles, beddings, and such.

Aside from cleaning surfaces, the B200 can also be used to steam garments with Ironing Mode. You’ll need to attach the ironing head though to use this feature, although this means that you’ll no longer need to iron your clothes which takes a bit more effort.

Another killer feature that you get with the B200 is a self-cleaning mode, which will let it clean the hose and spray head without the need for manual cleaning. This is a very handy feature that cuts down on time spent cleaning it by hand.

Pricing and Final Thoughts

The UWANT B200 comes at a decidedly midrange price of $339 – the different cleaning modes, as well as the built-in 4-in1 cleaning process means that you’re getting a lot of value with the B200. The combination of high-temperature cleaning and disinfecting, as well as options for water-based solution cleaning, certainly make it an attractive appliance to have in one’s home.

If you’re looking for a reliable and feature-packed spot cleaner that’s compatible with different surfaces and materials, and comes with some nice additions like a self-cleaning feature and a practical and functional design, then the UWANT B200 is definitely worth getting.

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