Firefox beta for Android will now let you install any add-on you want


Modern day browsers such as Firefox allow users to add add-ons that enhances the browser’s capabilities, but this is mostly for the desktop version of the browser. On mobile, it is a much more limited experience, but there is good news for you tinkerers out there – Mozilla is finally allowing beta users of Firefox on Android to install any add-ons they want.

For a bit of context, Mozilla allows Firefox users on Android to install add-ons, but it is only from a small curated list which means that compared to its desktop counterpart, it is slightly limited. The company does allow custom add-ons, but that’s only for the nightly build which isn’t so practical for most users, plus the nightly build can be rather buggy.

With this change, Mozilla is bringing that functionality to the beta version of Firefox, which means that it should be a less buggy experience compared to the nightly builds, plus users might be more inclined to use the beta than the nightly build.

Unfortunately, as GHack notes, it is a bit of a roundabout method to get custom add-ons installed even on the beta. Users will need to create a Firefox account if they haven’t done so already, and then manually create their own collection of add-ons, and then you will need to subscribe to those add-ons.

Also, another thing to note is that a reason Mozilla curates these add-ons to begin with is to ensure compatibility. There is no guarantee that the add-on you install will work with the mobile version of Firefox, but if you’re willing to take that chance, you can do so in the beta and will no longer have to rely on the nightly builds.

Source: GHack

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