You can now register your interest for the Google Pixel 7a on Amazon


Over the past few years, Google has released its “A” series of Pixel handsets which are basically lower-specced and more affordable versions of the company’s flagship Pixel phones. We haven’t heard any indication that Google is done with this lineup, which means that come 2023, the Pixel 7a could be in the cards.

In fact, someone at Amazon seems to be very optimistic of that happening because it looks like the online retailer is allowing users to subscribe to any announcements about the Pixel 7a. Keep in mind that this does not confirm the existence of the phone, but rather if there is any news about it on Amazon, users who are subscribed will be notified about it.

Google only just launched its Pixel 7 smartphones so it might still be a bit too early to start thinking about the Pixel 7a. There’s no word on when the phone could launch, but seeing as the Pixel 6a was announced in May earlier this year, we expect the Pixel 7a, if it ever comes to pass, should launch roughly around the same time as well.

Not to mention May is when Google I/O takes place, making it the perfect platform for the company to announce a new phone. Either way, don’t get your hopes up just yet but we’ll most definitely be keeping our eyes and ears peeled for more information about the Pixel 7a if and when more details show up.

Source: GSMArena

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